Monday, March 16, 2009


My grandaughter is 3 when she saw this wulf she thought it was Sid
our white german shepard, she did her little wiggle the finger thing and
said ahhh sid come here sid, sid come here it was cute !

My son, grandaughter and me
Where we went in Michigan

We're back :( from Michigan. We wanted to turn left instead of right so bad, I told my hubby... do it lets go, but as bad as we hated to we came back to OHIO. My hubby calls Michigan a real state and ohio an enema no offense to anyone who's a buckeye i was born and raised a buckeye. My hubby lived in michigan for about 20 yrs til the base closed. It was nice being in the low lander turf for a couple of hours tho. Probably be going up there in may and labor day weekend for sure! You must go labor day wk end for sure in Harrisville its the harmony craft show it's great! I just realized date on my camera is wrong i gotta fix that LOL

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Wow it's been a month since i typed anything on here i better catch up LOL! And WOW i have 2 followers ahhh thanks ladies, thank you for the nice comments! I have been so busy, Last night we got to watch the newest grandbaby it was great! Hard to belive he's 1 month already and growing fast! And for being 1 month he knew he was not home and mom and dad was not around LOL, he did not want to sleep he would cat nap then eyes would open then close open then close, he's so CUTE! We have 2 more grandbabies on the way very soon 1 next wk. and another in about 2 wks both boys! Tomorrow we are going to Michigan for a couple of hours we are taking my son and my grandaughter with us i was thinking to tell them to pack some clothes just in case we end up going up towards the UP... beautiful up there... second home sweet home... I have been working on my second rag quilt for one of the grandbabes i have 1 more row to sew on and MY DARN SEWING MACHINE IS GOING TO GO THROUGH THE WINDOW LOL i know it's just human error best to break from it for about a wk LOL when i ever get it done i will put pic on here.. i always wanted to quilt it's on my bucket list so i thought rag quilts would be simple to start out with and now i am HOOKED i dont know if i will ever try the other ways LOL i'm having fun with this type. JUST AS LONG AS ME AND THE SEWING MACHINE GET ALONG LOL! Well it's bed time , and i need to finish my spring decorating on here! NIGHT ALL!