Saturday, January 24, 2009

The cakes for the superbowl!


If you have or have not heard of Houseparty i recomend that you really check it out! This is a pic of what i got in the mail for the superbowl party i am holding February1 2009 this makes my second party so check it out you never know when you will be picked and its alot of fun, great stuff that you get to share with family and friends!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Big ice cycles from the upstairs bathroom window, some are so long they go all the way down to the first floor windows.


MaMa Squirrel

I got the name mama squirrel from my husband because i make sure the squirrels are fed during this rough cold winter, there are about 4 of them that hangout in the front of the house i also make sure the chipmunks get food as well but i havn't seen them around. Do chipmunks hybernate? i dont think they do or do they LOL. We feed the birds to , we went to walmart today to buy some deer feed we feed them as well, but walmart was out of it so we will have to go somewhere else. We have another cold front coming in this weekend with some more snow "bummer" these last 2 days have felt like spring temps in the 30's no higher then 45, pretty bad when that feels warm! So everybody please help the wildlife when its cold and snowy they need food to, and bring in those dogs and cats or whatever critter you can bring in when its cold outside!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Windmill from South Dakota oil rig 1930's

This windmill belongs to a family friend, it came from South Dakota in 1930 off a oil rig, i thought it was pretty kewl and "Primitive"