Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Look what the bees made.

Look at what the honey bees made pretty cool. I guess we are going to keep them, a bee keeper said we must be special to have them, or its the house they enjoy. Hubby is very allergic to bees he has been to the ER 3 times in 2 months they know him by name when he walks through the doors LoL. Luckly it was the honey bee that stung him last time he didn't have a real severe reaction as he does with the yellow jackets, and we also have a yellow jacket nest in our breezeway we have been fighting last 3 months there in the wall must be thousands of them they just won't give up! I'm glad its getting cold out slows them down .

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  1. Oh dear! What a painful thing to be stung!! Hope you get rid of the yellow jackets, they are scary and pesty!! Love the Miley Cyrus song you have on here, she is my favorite. I loved the movie and all the songs from it. Got the CD soundtrack from the movie for Christmas from my daughter, already bought the movie as soon as it came out.