Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy belated Christmas, and New Year!

As always i never keep up with the blogging, i'm reading everyone else's blogs or i'm just to busy. I want to wish everyone a belated MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope Santa brought everything on your list, I got everthing on my list...Sooo I must have been a " VERY GOOD GIRL"..I hope everyone that made those New Year resolutions will stick to it... I don't make them anymore because i always fail LOL but i will keep things in the back of my mind to try to change. :) I got a new puter for my birthday and it is so hard to adjust it has windows 7 and windows live on it and i can't figure out yet how to get my aol email set on it because i don't care for the email live so... i just keep saying to my self... patience... it will happen! I also said i would not down load anything on the new computer that i would buy one of those extra drives that you plug in to the computer, ..ooops i forgot and downloaded so i better hurry up and get one.

 To everyone living in Florida i hear you are covered in ice be careful out there best advice is STAY HOME , CALL OFF and be SAFE! I live in Northern Ohio so we are suppose to be use it... HAHAHA not me!
The older i get the more i dislike winter. I know we need it to clean up the air but...

Question? Has anybody ever made a peanut butter fudge using cream cheese and peanut butter just these 2 ingredients? A cashier told me about it i have the ingredients but don't want to waste it if she is wrong. I thought wow sounds good for using only 2 ingredients but does it work? I have a great PB fudge recipe but this one you don't have to stand there and stir constantly, this one you just microwave

The picture on here is my back yard from yesterday morning i thought it was very pretty with sun trying to sneek out, the picture doesn't give it the real personal beauty.
Now where is that spell checker on here... LOL

I wish you all GOOD HEALTH, and may this year bring you lots of HAPPY!


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